iPhone 6 expected Features

by Tayyab Sadiq on January 12, 2013

iPhone 6 expected Features ? The spec-race is currently hot among Android manufacturers with quad-core and 1080p being the new hotness and although Apple has never been the one with the top spec-ed phone around the globe, but still the iPhone is no slouch either.

Apple has restrained from equipping the latest iPhone 5 a quad-core processor or NFC while Even 4G LTE just made its way in the 6th iteration of iPhone as Apple usually waits for technologies to mature before taking the full potential out of them. Tech pundits have always been eager to predict the future of iPhone and over these past few months, we have seen an increasing number of concepts and predictions as to what will the future iPhone bring with it.

iPhone 6 expected Features

iPhone 6 expected Features

iPhone 6 expected Features

A few while ago, animation and digital content studio, Aatma studios created an amazing concept of the future iPhone which will include a super sleek body along with a holographic display and keyboard. What’s Holographic? Well a holographic keyboard would mean that your device would be capable of projecting a laser keyboard on a flat surface on which you can type on while a holographic display will be like a projector, able to project your iPhone’s screen on a flat surface, take a wall for instance. A number of devices have already made these features possible (Samsung Galaxy Beam, Celluose Virtual Keyboard) and the only thing to consider is whether it will make its way to Apple’s smartphone or not.

Another interesting thing we would simply love to see is a transparent 1080p display. Of course flexible displays might become popular soon but we can’t yet imagine having a phone that can also be used like a rubber-band so we will wait until we see an actual phone with a flexible display hit the shelves.

Faster and power-efficient processors, extra RAM and better cameras would surely be a part of regular annual upgrades and we’ll be on the ready to take note of these.

That’s pretty much what we think and want from an iPhone five year onwards, don’t forget to let us know about your thoughts about the future iPhone in the comments.

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